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May 31[edit]

Australian Pygmy race[edit]

I cannot find anything about the Australian Pygmy race. I have three pages of facts I can email to you. I am 85 and not capable of investigation. How do I send three images of written history pages with two photographs of extinct Australian pygmies?

Whenever Australian Aborigines are written about there is no mention of the extinct Australian pygmies. I have images of three of 24 pages of written history I can send to you. Excalibur1234567890 (talk) 06:15, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@excalibur1234567890: sorry, this is the wikipedia help desk, where we help editors with questions about editing. you will need to ask who you intended to ask. lettherebedarklight晚安 06:38, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Excalibur1234567890 Welcome to Wikipedia. I assume you'd like WP to have some content on this topic. It would seem to fit under Indigenous Australians, where I see there is one source that per title mentions Australian pygmies, but I can't tell if it's actually used for anything in the article text. Ping to @Austronesier and @HiLo48, in the hope that you know something. Gråbergs Gråa Sång (talk) 06:50, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
The Australian Museum says the "Australian pygmy people" is a myth. Mitch Ames (talk) 07:33, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Seems like a decent source, and makes me think that the WP:NPOV way to include it in Indigenous Australians is to not include it. May be possible to make a Talgai Skull style (ish) article about it as an outdated theory (perhaps there are some on-WP lists or categories for such things). Gråbergs Gråa Sång (talk) 08:06, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
This is a difficult and controversial area. That source you found is from Keith Windschuttle, an Australian historian who now edits the conservative journal Quadrant. There is a certain slant to his work. He argues that the Stolen generations is a myth, and that the White Australia Policy wasn't really all that racist. Before he was editor of Quadrant, the paper you found reference to was published in it, in 2002. In brief, it claims that there was a pygmy race in Australia, and that the ancestors of current Aboriginal people largely replaced them. This, of course, allows those opposing land rights claims to say that the current Aboriginal people were not the first owners, and thus deserve nothing. Windschuttle's is not a common view today. It's very hard to find any other research with a similar conclusion. Indeed, it seems impossible to find anything at all about Windschuttle's claimed co-author, Tim Gillin. I don't know how this helps our enquirer. Nor do I know how we can handle the "24 pages of written history" he says he has. HiLo48 (talk) 07:49, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

New page[edit]


at the beginning of March I created a sample page of prominent NGO organization in Bulgaria Trust for social achievement, which is still not published. How can I make it public and what other changes should I apply? Ilinastoyanova (talk) 08:27, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Ilinastoyanova Assuming this is about User:Ilinastoyanova/Sample page. There are several problems here, one of the minor is that a page like that will not be automatically published, you have to actually submit it, see Wikipedia:So_you_made_a_userspace_draft#Ready!.
However, submitting at this point would be pointless, see WP:N, WP:NORG and WP:BACKWARD. No acceptable sources, no WP-article. Gråbergs Gråa Sång (talk) 08:36, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Wikiproject for NPOVs in articles similar to Guild of Copy Editors?[edit]

Hi. Is there a Wikiproject for articles that need NPOVs like the Guild of Copy Editors? Imbluey2 (talk) 13:04, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

There is Category:Wikipedia neutral point of view disputes. Sungodtemple (talkcontribs) 13:09, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Imbluey2: Welcome. There is Wikipedia:WikiProject_NPOV but apparently it is no longer active. You can browse at Wikipedia:WikiProject_Council/Directory to see if there is something else that is related that you are interested in. RudolfRed (talk) 15:31, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Why can´t the people influenced by an economist be seen on their page[edit]

See John Maynard Keynes, or Friedrich von Hayek or anyone, it will not list the people that they influenced, but it will show the people that influenced them. StrongALPHA (talk) 14:24, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Have you discussed this at the Talk pages for either article to see whether it's come up before? If not, it might be worth asking, but I could speculate that this information was considered trivial or that there tended to be issues with sourcing or original research. Hope this is helpful! DonIago (talk) 14:28, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Millions of people have been influenced by Keynes, though most might not realize it. See John_Maynard_Keynes#Influence_and_legacy Shantavira|feed me 17:09, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I´m actually not intereseted in Keynes, at least not in of himself, I only use him as example. The point is that for philosophers, it is completely the opposite lots of people can be added without particularly strict rules. StrongALPHA (talk) 17:23, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
{{infobox academic}} has parameters including "influences" (with note saying that any names must be referenced from a third-party source) and "doctoral students" / "notable students" (implying those with WP articles). I assume that the latter were indeed influenced by the academic by virtue of being their student but for others they influenced, no-one may have noticed. If X was influenced by Y and there is a good source for that statement, then if it is a non-trivial part of either's biography I don't see why it can't be included. Mike Turnbull (talk) 20:04, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Some disciplines even go in for Erdős numbers. Mike Turnbull (talk) 20:07, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Do I write the quote "Io ho fatto solo due/tre horror, il resto sono film realistici", translated into English as "I have only done two/three horror, the rest are realistic films", within the paragraph "Early life and career" or in the paragraph "Career"? JackkBrown (talk) 18:51, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Surely the latter, unless the date of the quote was very early and he was psychic! Mike Turnbull (talk) 20:25, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Charles de Choiseul-Praslin[edit]

Symbol redirect vote2.svg Courtesy link: Charles de Choiseul-Praslin

I had made some changes to the above Wikipedia text. They are based on my last Reference addition of Gioconda Belli’s novel. The novel is based on documents found in her grandmother’s home ceiling while tearing it down to build a new house. Graciela Bermudez-Praslin was Gioconda Belli‘s grand mother who was a granddaughter of the above individual. Although the book is published as a novel, the newly found documents appear to be originally written by Charles de Choiseul-Praslin who died in Nicaragua in 1882. My suggested changes were undone with the comment that they were unfriendly. How do I make changes acceptable to Wikipedia? I am a great-grandson of the French immigrant by way of my mother Licha (Felicitas) Guzmán-Praslin, Eva Praslin’s daughter, one of the French immigran Charles de Choiseul-Praslin’s children. Lombardo and Palma, MD, MSPH Lombardopalma (talk) 19:43, 31 May 2023 (UTC)MSPHReply[reply]

@Lombardopalma, a work of fiction by a non-historian is not going to be a reliable source for anything except events which occur within the work of fiction itself. Has no scholar studied and published reports about these documents? (talk) 20:54, 31 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

June 1[edit]

Copying URL for citation.[edit]

Can I copy and paste URL address for citing in my Wikipedia article, or will I have to type it? Andracula Insta (talk) 06:26, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hi Andracula Insta. You can find out some general information about adding citations to articles at Help:Referencing for beginners, but you should be able to copy-and-paste a url into a citation without out any problems. Just click on the "Show preview" button to make sure the link is working correctly. When it comes to citations, errors are usually indicated in red and these can be almost always be seen in the preview window using "Show preview" or in the "Refrences" section after clicking "Publish changes". -- Marchjuly (talk) 06:45, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
A bare url reference is at least a reference. It is easy enough to use {{cite web}}, the bare information needed is {{cite web |url= |title= |publisher= |access-date= }}. Other parameters should be added if appropriate. Mjroots (talk) 11:45, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Jono Macbeth[edit]

Hello, I am the Jono Macbeth that is listed in this page. I would like to remove this page, at it keeps on getting changed (not by me) and I am not happy with the un true information that is being posted

Cheers Jono Damian Richmond (talk) 10:51, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Symbol redirect vote2.svg Courtesy link: Jono Macbeth
@Damian Richmond, I have reverted your changes to the article, as you added a whole bunch of unsourced information to a biography of a living person, which is not acceptable. Since you claim to be Jono Macbeth, please review WP:COI and make edit requests on the talk page. (talk) 14:09, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Hello, Damian. There are various procedures for calling for an article to be deleted, but they are all based on Wikipedia's policies, not just because somebody doesn't like it (even the subject).
At the moment, the article has no independent sources, and therefore cannot establish that Macbeth meets Wikipedia's criteria for notability. If suitable independent sources do not in fact exist, then Macbeth does not meet those criteria, and the article should be deleted; but it may be that sufficient sources do exist, and in that case the article should not be deleted.
Please discuss this on the article's talk page. ColinFine (talk) 15:03, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Referencing errors on Automatic lubrication system[edit]

Reference help requested. Hello Wikipedia users, unfortunately I don't know how to resolve the "bare URL and missing title" error. Could you help fixing this? Thanks, (talk) 11:10, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

 Done For future reference you can find help on this by going to template:cite web. Martin of Sheffield (talk) 12:08, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

How to cite and arrange citations for movies and videogame content?[edit]

Movies and videogames make up a substantial part of modern culture, but i am struggling to find guidelines on how to cite their content in Wikipedia (e.g. these things were written, said and done verbatim)

How should one go about this? Is there already a guideline? Bart Terpstra (talk) 12:13, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Try {{Cite AV media}} for movides, and/or the other similar Citation Style 1 templates, eg {{Cite podcast}}. (There does not seem to be one for video games (yet). Mitch Ames (talk) 13:13, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
how do i propose one for videogames?
I understand they are more ephemeral as the majority of content is purely digital, however, there is a plethora of material that could be referenced to show certain things are in fact present with in the work. Bart Terpstra (talk) 13:17, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Umm, {{cite video game}}?
Trappist the monk (talk) 13:37, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
i swear i used two search engines, searched helpdesk, teahouse and wikipedia but did not get that as a result. thank you. Bart Terpstra (talk) 13:41, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Citing, in Wikipedia parlance, means giving a reference to a given source to justify the truth of a given assertion. Movies and videogames are rarely cited in Wikipedia, because they are WP:PRIMARY sources. (The same goes for a radio broadcast, or a journal article, or the transcription of a speech on the agora, or an Egyptian funeral stele; modern or old has nothing to do with it.)
Maybe you meant quoting, i.e. putting an excerpt of a source to discuss the source itself, where the quotation is taken as a representative sample of an aspect of the source (rather than as a source of true information about the external world). In that case, the default rules for text quotes apply - use them sparingly and with appropriate context - but in addition, significant copyright concerns apply (see WP:NFC). TigraanClick here for my talk page ("private" contact) 13:16, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
a specific example: "in popular culture", you want to assert that a videogame contains the subject of the article, how can you proof it in a way that satisfies wikipedia?
assuming there are no games journalist articles that mention it, ofcourse. Bart Terpstra (talk) 13:19, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Please don't. Such mentions amount to trivia and do nothing more than clutter what might be a good article. If such mentions are important and the video game is notable (has an article), then the mention could be made in the game's article.
Trappist the monk (talk) 13:37, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
the videogame is more notable than the subject in the example i'm thinking of (or so it seems to me). Bart Terpstra (talk) 13:40, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Nothing should be included in an 'in popular culture' section of an article unless it can be cited to a secondary source explicitly demonstrating that the specific popular culture reference is of significance to the article subject: see WP:POPCULTURE. AndyTheGrump (talk) 13:53, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Another Cite AV question[edit]

Hi folks!! It is possible to use the sfn tag with a cite AV template when citing a audio visual references. Perhaps using the "loc" property? scope_creepTalk 15:00, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Yes. Maybe. For a better answer, provide a real life example of the problem you are facing.
Trappist the monk (talk) 15:17, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Trappist the monk: I'll post as how I would use it at the Sarah Goldberg (spy) article and see what you think. scope_creepTalk 15:22, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Trappist the monk: Ref 4 has been updated with a audio visual citation in the bib section with sfn tag with loc=1:32. It doesn't say its a time field, but it does link the bib entry. Does that look ok? Its been update. scope_creepTalk 15:39, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Why bother? If the source is only used once in the article, why add the complication of {{sfn}} and §Bibliography? You can specify a time in the {{cite av media}} template with |time= or |minutes=; have you tried that? Do not use |format= for any other purpose than to identify the electronic file format of the source (|format=PDF, |format=XLS, etc). The source is behind some sort of registration/subscription barrier so |url-access=subscription or |url-access=registration is appropriate. If this source is truly an interview, consider {{cite interview}}.
Also, is Sarah G. in the video the Sarah Goldberg of the article. If so, this raises questions. doesn't care what the subject of an article says or wants to say about themselves; cares what unconnected, unrelated sources have to say about the subject. That suggests that this video source might be suitable for a further reading or external links section but likely it shouldn't be used to support statements in the article body.
Trappist the monk (talk) 15:56, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Yes. It is completly WP:PRIMARY, no doubt about that. The article contents will be well referenced though with secondary sourcing. There is 13 references on the fr wikipedia and there is more in the Perrault, Kesaris and Bourgeois books for the Red Orchestra stuff, as well as the Belgian Dictionary of National Biography. I'm think i'm going to take that bib section out and just use it for the odd bit of clarification and put it in further reading section. I've not seen the {{cite interview}} but I think probably ideal. scope_creepTalk 18:36, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Greenwashing of oil industry pollution by President of Cop 28 in Wikipedia[edit]

Article in the Guardian, Tues May 30, 2023. “Cop28 president’s team accused of Wikipedia ‘greenwashing’. I have given donations to Wikipedia in the past believing it to be a somewhat reliable source of FACTS. IT IS CLEAR THAT SULTAN AL JABER, HAS BEEN ALLOWED TO POST GIBBERISH ABOUT HOW INNOCENT BURNING OF FOSSIL OF FUELS IS. THIS IS A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH OF OUR PLANET. SURELY YOU CAN HAVE EDITORS WHO CAN VET SUCH DANGEROUS MISINFORMATION. I will be withholding any future donations, not that I have given huge amounts, and certainly I don’t have the disgusting wealth of the oil kings. Ialesich (talk) 15:01, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hello. I hear that you are angry that (according to the Guardian report) somebody has been organising biased editing of a Wikipedia article about a sensitive topic in which they are involved.
Unfortunately, this sort of thing can happen in an open collaborative system like Wikipedia. It is built on a communitarian ideal that anybody can contribute: only if somebody's contributions are shown to be unhelpful (or worse) are people prevented from editing.
I don't know what you think should be done; but I don't understand why you think that making an angry exit will help anything. Wikipedia is entirely created and run by volunteers who choose to give their time and energy to creating this public resource. If that is something you want to support (as it presumably is if you have been donating), please come and join us in making it work. If you want to see Al Jaber's alleged interference undone, please come and keep a watch on the articles in question, and join the people who are working to undo inappropriate edits, and to take action against those who make them.
As for your financial contributions: nobody editing Wikipedia has any knowledge of who donates, when or how much, and nobody editing gets any benefit from donations. It is entirely your choice whether and how much you donate. But trying to make a political statement by ceasing to donate will fall flat and achieve nothing. ColinFine (talk) 15:17, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Confirming an account[edit]

How do you get your account confirmed? Balfour Idoof Bartholomew (talk) 15:14, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

If you mean autoconfirmed, @Balfour Idoof Bartholomew, that happens after 4 days and ten edits. (talk) 15:26, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

New Wiki Page[edit]

Hello, how do we add a new Wikipedia page for a company? (talk) 15:34, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Put simply, you probably don't. The company needs to meet the notability guideline and should not be edited by someone with a conflict of interest. See your first article.--♦IanMacM♦ (talk to me) 15:39, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Hello. It sounds as if you have a (very common) complete misunderstanding of what Wikipedia is. Wikipedia is an encyclopaedia, not social media or a business directory. If Wikipedia ever has an article about your company, it will not belong to you, will not be controlled by you, and will be based what publications unconnected with you have said about your company, not on what you say or want to say.
You are strongly discouraged from trying to create an article about your company.
A word of caution: if anybody approaches you offering to create an article for money, beware. They are probably scam merchants. If you are lucky enough to encounter an honest one, they will tell you roughly what I have said above: they cannot guarantee that they will get an article about you accepted, or that if accepted it will say what you want it to say. ColinFine (talk) 16:01, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Short descriptions[edit]

Is it just me, or have all the short descriptions on the desktop site been replaced by 'From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia'? The short descriptions still appear in the app; neither appears on the mobile site. (Note: I'm using Chrome on Linux for desktop, Android for mobile) -- Verbarson  talkedits 15:37, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Verbarson: They are not displayed by default in the desktop version. Have you enabled "Shortdesc helper" at Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-gadgets? PrimeHunter (talk) 17:02, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@PrimeHunter: It was disabled when I started this topic. Perhaps I've just been using the app more recently, and got used to seeing the shortdesc every time. It does strike me that 'From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia' seems an unnecessary comment at that place, but perhaps it is meant for copy/paste, screenshots, and third-party sites feeding off Wikipedia?
I have now enabled the shortdesc helper, so I can see it on each page. Thanks for the pointer. -- Verbarson  talkedits 17:37, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Good evening, why in the text the name of the song is "¡Ay, ay, ay!", while in the title is "Ay Ay Ay"? The name of the song must be consistent with the entire article. JackkBrown (talk) 19:31, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

As it says in the article, the spelling "Ay-Ay-Ay" (although incorrect) occurs commonly in English sources. Our article titles use the most common name for the subject in English; but the article itself lists the proper name of the song, which is of course in Spanish. --Orange Mike | Talk 19:48, 1 June 2023 (UTC) (El Gordo Naranjado)Reply[reply]

Notable Alumni[edit]

As I read your post I have trouble understanding why my name is not included in notable alumni! I was the first athlete to receive a full athletic scholarship to Syracuse for football. I was drafted by the St Louis football Cardinals 1967. Was with the team for 2 years. Injury ended career!can someone tell me why I don’t even have a mention? <redacted> Would appreciate a reply 2601:87:4480:58B0:D96C:1FF5:A7B7:F043 (talk) 20:31, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

IP editor, it's a bad idea to post personal contact information like that in such a public forum - it has been removed. A list of notable alumni should, by definition, only include alumni who are notable by Wikipedia's standards. How much coverage of your career has been published in independent, reliable, secondary sources (newspapers, magazines, etc.)? If there's enough to base an article on, and such an article was written, your name could then be added to the list. (talk) 20:40, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Please note that "notable" doesn't mean quite the same in Wikipedia as it does out in the world. It means that there is enough independent writing about the subject to base an article on. It is possible to be famous, popular, historically important, or influential without this happening; and conversely, many notable subjects are not particularly well-known.
I have no idea whether or not you are notable in Wikipedia's sense: you may be, in which case somebody could write an article on you (preferably not you), or you may not, in which case nobody can write an article about you. ColinFine (talk) 21:30, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Please see WP:ALUMNI for our official policy. Shantavira|feed me 07:51, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
WP:ALUMNI is not official policy; it's just one section of an essay on editing articles about schools and represents general guidance on the matter. What matters more is whether any WP:CSC were established for that particular section and the best place to search for that would be on the talk of the article where the IP tried to add their name. -- Marchjuly (talk) 08:07, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
If this person played pro football for two seasons, there should probably be an article about them already. If they never actually played, but were part of the practice squad/reserve pool (or whatever American football calls it), they might not meet our criteria for notability. --Orange Mike | Talk 23:42, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

June 2[edit]

Wrongly warning someone[edit]

I recently warned an innocent IP on vandalism for the article Bianca Ghelber. I apologized but is there anyway we can remove the warning I gave him? Blitzfan51 speak to the manager 00:41, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hi Blitzfan51. Pretty much any edit made on Wikipedia can be WP:UNDONE. If you made a talk page post on another user's page that you'd now like to take back, you can follow the guidance given in WP:REDACT. If the noone has responded to your post, you can simply self-revert the post; just leave an edit summary explaining why. If someone has already responded, you can WP:STRIKETHROUGH your original post if you want, and then add a new post explaining why. -- Marchjuly (talk) 00:50, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Password forgot[edit]

My username is user:Mole Man and the email under that was deleted and I have changed my email around '13 but it is not that. 2600:1700:4000:62E0:6174:396B:193:2948 (talk) 01:17, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

If you have forgotten your password and can't access the mail account that was associated with the account, then you won't be able to use the old user ID. Simply create a new one, log in under that, make a note of the password, associate an email address with it, and preferably say on your new user page that you previously contributed as Mole Man. -- Hoary (talk) 01:26, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Does there exist a way to render Wikipedia with simplified, read-only layout?[edit]

I am developing an application which will involve rendering Wikipedia on a low-power device with an eInk screen. However the layout of Wikipedia (both desktop and mobile versions) is too cluttered for a good user experience. Does there already exist a simplified "skin" of Wikipedia which is less cluttered and complex to render? In particular, a "read-only" version with the edit links removed (as editing is out of the question on these devices). (talk) 07:08, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

You could try but I'm not sure if this is officially linked to Wikipedia.--♦IanMacM♦ (talk to me) 07:13, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply] shows all skins which can be selected with useskin=, e.g. for Example (musician). Registered users can choose some of the skins for their account at Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-rendering. See also mw:API:Get the contents of a page. Note the attribution requirement at Wikipedia:Reusing Wikipedia content. PrimeHunter (talk) 10:49, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Categories in wikiprojects[edit]

how are pages put in wikiprojects and their talk pages put in categories? how to include or remove certain pages from certain wikiprojects? how to remove falsely put pages in wikiprojects. RamaKrishnaHare (talk) 10:56, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@RamaKrishnaHare: See Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Guide#Tagging pages with WikiProject banners. You can edit a talk page to see which banners it has. PrimeHunter (talk) 11:16, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

My article never got published[edit]

The english version of the articke Zafem is still in my sandbox unpushlised while the french one is already pusblished and available on google Fanisepetiote (talk) 15:42, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Fanisepetiote, there is both Draft:Zafem, which has not been submitted for review, and User:Fanisepetiote/sandbox, which has also not been submitted for review. Neither will be reviewed unless actually submitted. (talk) 16:01, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Why am I blocked?[edit]

I wanted to add some photos to my husband's Wikipedia article but it shows I am blocked. His name is Sandy Petersen. I own the copyright of a photo I wanted to add. I can't add a copyrighted image? There is a lot of incorrect information about my husband and I want to edit the article. Please explain to me why I am blocked through 2026 and how I can reverse it. Wendypetersen (talk) 15:51, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I don't see how you could be blocked, at least not under this account name, given that you don't have any notices at your Talk page and have only made the edit here as your sole contribution thus far. Are there details you haven't provided?
That said, you should not edit your husband's article as you have a conflict of interest, but rather request that edits be made via the Talk page for his article. DonIago (talk) 15:58, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
It sounds like Wendypetersen may have edited via an IP subject to a block. 331dot (talk) 16:00, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Ah; that would do it. DonIago (talk) 16:37, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I assume this is about Sandy Petersen. @Wendypetersen, the talk page is at Talk:Sandy Petersen, where you can make edit requests - see here for directions. (talk) 16:06, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
As for the photo: if you indeed own the copyright (which generally means that either you took it yourself, or there is a legal document assigning it to you) then you have the power to license it in the way that Wikipedia requires. Note that the licence allows anybody to reuse the picture for any purpose, commercial or not, as long as they attribute the source. If you choose to do that, you can use the upload wizard to upload it to Wikimedia Commons and license it on the fly. ColinFine (talk) 16:41, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

British vs English vs...[edit]

Doing recent changes patrol I see a number of edits that alter the nationality of an article's subject from English to British or British to Scottish, etc. (Recent example). Is there a MOS preference on this topic? Searching just brought me to WP:ENGVAR, which is unrelated. I'm not going to suggest there's an epidemic or anything, but without direction, it's a point that can just flip flop without much value added. Matt Deres (talk) 17:00, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Matt Deres, MOS:NATIONALITY has a note at the end beginning There is no preference between describing a person as British rather than as English, Scottish, or Welsh. Decisions on which label to use should be determined through discussions and consensus. The label must not be changed arbitrarily. The example you gave has no edit summary, is wrongly marked as a minor edit and looks like an arbitrary change. TSventon (talk) 17:15, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Great! Thank you kindly, TSventon. Matt Deres (talk) 21:26, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

charges on my credit card[edit]

Hello, Im being charged $1.75 per month on my CC. My names is Mark Jackson I live in Clearfield Ut. Can you stop these charges, I was asked to email you. My CC is AMEX American Express.

Thank You , Mark (talk) 19:18, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hi there! Please see - good luck! GoingBatty (talk) 19:22, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Just to claify, Mark, volunteer Wikipedia editors have nothing to do with processing donations of money. That is all handled by paid staffers at the Wikimedia Foundation. Cullen328 (talk) 22:53, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Mainspace question[edit]

does writing an article count as an edit in mainspace? Blitzfan51 speak to the manager 20:20, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Blitzfan51 Yep. A mainspace edit is evidently a mainspace edit! Apmh 21:52, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
what this basically means is that articles (or where they live) are the mainspace. happy editing! 💜  melecie  talk - 01:23, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

June 3[edit]

Ref number 25 should have the publisher - Cambridge University - and the year. Please fix. 2405:6E00:2F96:2B00:4193:B737:8ACA:76CF (talk) 00:44, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

 Done Martin of Sheffield (talk) 08:01, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I tried to add in 1734 the name Philip Meadows as the 1734 Mayor of Norwich - but failed.

Here is the reference for it

Please fix. Thanks 2405:6E00:2F96:2B00:4193:B737:8ACA:76CF (talk) 00:44, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I fixed the table, I think. The ref was already there so I didn't touch that. RudolfRed (talk) 01:24, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I've added the NRO link as well since the Sense of People wasn't listing the specified pages. Martin of Sheffield (talk) 07:56, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Hi. I was wondering when to use the different forms of sources, "Reference, News, Website". What are the rules for when to use which one? For instance, some articles from the same newspaper might be breaking news but others interviews or something else that isn’t really news. I have especially been struggling with it when trying to source this article. Thanks, Marginataen (talk) 09:45, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hello, Marginataen. It matters very little whether you decide that a given source is a "news" source or a "website" source. In some cases, the distinction is clear, and in other cases, it is a bit murky, but nobody really cares about that. What is vastly more important is whether the source is reliable or not. Focus on reliability and you won't go wrong. Cullen328 (talk) 10:00, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Hi Marginataen. This is one kind of big difference between {{cite web}} and some of the other more commonly used citation templates and that is "cite web" actually requires you to provide a URL as part of the citation to avoid it being tagged with an error message. Most of the other citation templates can also be used to cite sources not found online, but "cite web" only works properly with sources available online. -- Marchjuly (talk) 14:21, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Source no. 50 in Joe Biden's article named ""Biden's Road to Senate Took Tragic Tur" article is "News" and has a link. Source no. 53 in the same article is "Reference" and 61 is "Website". Why is that? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Marginataen (talkcontribs) 20:44, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Charles de Choiseul-Praslin[edit]

Your biography of Charles de Choiseul-Praslin’s misses 2 references in the ‘Legacy’ section. Although they belong in the category of, one a novel, the other a personal theory; they are published works that need reference. They are the works of Eddy Kühl and Gioconda Belli. They are based on actual accounts of the life of “Georges Choiseul-Praslin” that occurred in Nicaragua. He was a French immigrant that came to Nicaragua ~1852, four years after the tragic murder of the Duchess ‘Fanny’ Francoise de Choiseul-Praslin, formerly Francoise Altarice Rosalba Sébastiani. “Doctor George” as he was commonly referred to, became a coffee plantation owner and practiced as a learned lay medical man in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Although, suspected, he never revealed his supposed Royal identity, for obvious reasons, for being a fugitive suspect of the French Secret Service. Therefore, those literary works were properly published, one as a novel, the other as the opinion or ‘theory’ of a well published author, nevertheless, historic in nature. New evidence may reveal that the identity of these two individuals was or was not the same. Now a days, we have the technology, by means of genetic DNA sampling, to prove it. However, this proof would entail obtaining access to blood samples on proprietary archival documents, to those of current direct Choiseul-Praslin French descendants, and to those of Gerorge’s Nicaraguan descendants. This type of work is possible, some of which has anecdotally been done. Additionally, blood samples on the archived robes of assassin and victim may reveal the presence of blood of a 3rd individual, but with this further evidence could be labeled as an unidentified suspect in the murder. Although cumbersome and expensive, this may prove embarrassing and unwelcome evidence. Nevertheless, it may reveal direct or indirect evidence of a critical event that contributed to or triggered an important historic one: the French Revolution of 1847. (talk) 11:09, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Sorry, but Wikipedia is totally the wrong place for posting original research, especially the kind of speculative content you are talking about here. --Orange Mike | Talk 14:14, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Broken Reference list using wikidata at F-Droid[edit]

I'd like the broken wikidata citations at F-Droid, #1 and #3-5 to be fixed. The Reference list became broken when wikidata was first used: Special:Diff/1032601596/1039350478 in December 2021. I glanced at the linked RTFM, Module:Wd/doc#References, and the page wikidata, but did not see the fix. Help? Thanks. -- Yae4 (talk) 12:58, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Refs 1 and 6 are the same. Refs 4 and 5 are also the same. - Please fix - the doubling up is not good. Thank you. (talk) 14:14, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hi IP Please take a look at WP:REFNAME because it explains how to handle such situations. -- Marchjuly (talk) 14:22, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

writing about yourself[edit]

I know you're not supposed to, but if you were to become notable what would stop you policywiseBlitzfan51 speak to the manager 16:38, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Blitzfan51: Nothing, though you would have to declare a conflict of interest on yourself or risk being blocked. —Tenryuu 🐲 ( 💬 • 📝 ) 16:46, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Blitzfan51, according to WP:AUTOBIOGRAPHY, writing an autobiography is strongly discouraged but not forbidden. Hypothetically, if an experienced Wikipedia editor got elected to a state or provincial legislature, they would meet the notability guideline for politicians and could immediately write an autobiography. On the other hand, there would be plenty of other editors willing to write the article. The fact is that the vast majority of people who try to write an autobiography end up failing. Cullen328 (talk) 16:49, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
...and those that succeed sometimes come to regret it. AndyTheGrump (talk) 17:44, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]


In the article Economy of India, since this edit, I'm seeing a message in preview - Script warning: One or more {{cite journal}} templates have maintenance messages; messages may be hidden (help). Could you help me please? Dinesh | Talk 17:57, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

It is letting you know that citation 310 has the following errors: {{cite journal}}: CS1 maint: DOI inactive as of March 2023. See Category:CS1 maint: DOI inactive as of March 2023 for details. Heart (talk) 18:06, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Italics or not?[edit]

Should all these words be written in italics? Idam, Antahkarana, Buddhi, ecc.

Main Page Picture[edit]

How do I replace the current main page picture? Slatme4 (talk) 20:37, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

You go to Featured Pictures and participate in the processes that determine what pictures are featured. 331dot (talk) 20:39, 3 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]